Monday, August 06, 2012

Croissants with Guava and cream cheese

Step By Step On how to make Guava Croissants. 
They are so easy to make and they taste good too!

 I was craving some pastelillos de guayaba y queso
 I made some but a bit different Enjoy ;o)

These are the items you will need to make the guava croissants:

Cream Cheese
1- Egg
Guava Paste
Pillsbury large size Crescents

*Preheat Your to 350*

First, roll out the Croissants. Next place a slice of guava in the center (the cream cheese is optional). Make sure the Croissant is rolled up the right way so that the filling won't come out while it bakes. What you want to to do is fold over side A to side B (as displayed in the image above), then fold side C to side D (also displayed above), and then press down with your fingers on any openings. Lastly, roll it to the other end.

This is how the Croissants should look like with both corners tucked in then rolled, and the longer side
going over the Croissant.

Now with a pastry brush drip it into the beaten eggs and brush it onto the Croissants. Next lightly sprinkle some sugar over each one, and place it into the oven and bake for about 15 to 20 mins (or until they are golden brown).

This is how the Croissant's should look like once they are done from being baked. Make sure you let them cool down before eating(the filling is very hot!).

Yumm the filling looks so good.

I hope you all enjoy this easy way on how to make Croissants with guava and/or cheese filling.
They are so good you can also enjoy them with your morning Coffee ;o).

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